All of the services provided by La Madre Collective are handled with the utmost respect, care, traditional techniques, experience, safety, and inclusiveness. Depending on which care provider you choose, you will be in excellent hands!  We look forward to working with you!

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Informative and Inclusive Care

Conception, pregnancy, birth and the early days of child rearing can be very overwhelming and sometimes even stressful. Our role with Prenatal Care is to ensure you get the best information, resources, and care possible so you are knowledgeable, confident, and trusting in this process.  You can also receive proper postpartum support during this prenatal period.


Ancestral Traditions and Individually Supported

The Fourth Trimester is the most powerful way to heal one's body after growing and birthing a baby. This is the time where optimal vitality, restoration in body, mind, and spirit, is crucial in order to have life long wellness. With nourishing and medicinal foods, traditional techniques, pelvic steaming, emotional support, and more, this is the most important chapter you can plan for, as well as support someone you love.

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Support for Labor, Bereavement, Abortion

We offer support for one of the most life defining moments for you and/or your partner.  Whether you choose an abortion, have a miscarriage, have a still birth or your birth plan was not planned, we are here for you!  There is trauma that needs to be healed.  We provide respectful, safe, and healing care. 


Medicinal and Healing Food Service

We provide delicious, healing and nourishing foods for the birthing person so that they are able to recover with optimal vitality during the fourth trimester. Medicinal foods have proven to show that body, mind, and spirit can restore optimally for long term and balanced health, and the first forty days in receiving this kind of care is crucial.  We offer food delivery service from single meals to weekly options.

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Support After Loss

We offer a healing ceremony that welcomes anyone who has experienced loss in miscarriage, abortion, still birth, or any age of loss of a child.  As the circle of life continues, birth and death are such a part of all of our experiences.  This ritual can support your experience through trauma, grief and acceptance.


Intentional Blessings for Parents to Be

We love honoring the soon to be parent and there is no better way than to hold sacred space and intentions during this right of passage and life changing experience. We come to your event, set up a beautiful alter or mandala, and lead an intentional circle with all of the special people supporting you and your baby.  Another sweet offering we provide are hand made baby blessing dream catchers, with the intentional items your loved ones have shared on it.

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Vaginal Steam, Yoni Steam & Peristeam

Pelvic steaming is a traditional self-care practice whereby someone sits or kneels over a warm pot of boiled water, gently exposing the entire pelvic region to the steam that arises (source: Steamy Chick). Most commonly used for internal and external healing during the postpartum period, steam can also be used to facilitate fertility and alleviate many discomforts associated with the menstrual/hormonal cycle. Steaming can be done with plain water, quality salts, apple cider vinegar, or custom herb selections tailored to your individual needs.

To learn more about steam and how it can benefit you, please contact Jade Stokes! As a Certified Peristeam Facilitator, she will ensure that you are not contraindicated for steaming and will design a steam plan to suit your needs.


Hand Crafted Intentional Piece of Remembrance

A sweet offering we provide are hand made baby blessing dream catchers, with the intentional items your loved ones have shared during your mother blessing or bereavement ceremony.  This loving piece is a beautiful symbol and remembrance of your journey into this chapter of your life.

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Please contact us with any service that we offer and we will connect you with the appropriate doula!